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The Athletic-30 is a collection of 30 days of hard hitting workouts that have been tried and tested by myself and members of my gym. This program will improve your strength and power, while simultaneously packing on muscle and keeping you lean. See how drastically you can transform your body in just 30 days.


The body of an athlete is muscular, strong, and lean.  It is the ideal balance of muscle to body fat that is optimized for performance without sacrificing aesthetics. In order to achieve this strong, powerful, and symmetrical look you need to sprint, jump, carry heavy objects, and master fundamental human movement patterns.

  The Athletic Physique  


HyperLete Genesis Covers


Genesis is a simple and effective muscle-building program that will help you build a strong lean frame that will turn your body into the high-performance machine it was meant to be in just 12 Weeks.

HyperLete Alpha Cover


ALPHA builds on the foundation you established in Genesis and takes your results to the next level. This intense training system is packed with 6 weeks of workouts, challenges and straight up hard work that will push you both mentally and physically. 

The Results

Theo M.

Competitive Skier & Ex-Athlete (High School)

"As an aggressive skier, HyperLete helped me take my performance to a new level. Their programs broke the monotonous routine of going to the gym everyday and had me looking forward to each new workout. I'm now stronger, more muscular and more athletic than I've ever been before."

Eric M.

Investment Banker & Ex-College Football Player

"HyperLete has the best strength training programs for weekend warriors and 9-5 desk jockeys alike. You get challenging workouts with step by step instructions for everything included in the program. Plus, the workouts are all under an hour so they fit into my hectic work schedule. I feel as if I could lace up my cleats again!"

Tophel S.

Financial Advisor, Ex-College Football Player & Full-Time Dad

"I haven't had programs this effective since I played college football! I love being able to walk into the gym knowing exactly what I have to do. It's easy to follow, making my life more efficient, so all I have to do is focus on my effort and technique in each workout."

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Take a few minutes to check out our Ultimate Guide to Build an Athletic Body and learn exactly how you can transform your physique and life through our training methods. This isn't a fluffy sales page or a quick "how-to" guide on working out. It will be your single source of truth to gain a better understanding of strength training and how to do it in a way that not only makes you look good, but turns your body into a pain-free, high-performance machine that makes everyone jealous inside the gym and out. 

HyperLete's Ultimate Guide To Build An Athletic Body

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