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Body conscious, highly-motivated individuals, who strive to be their best selves in all aspect of their lives. They’re active, successful, professional people who want greater control over their physical, mental and emotional lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently an elite athlete or in the best shape of your life we serve individuals in many situations such as: Athletes, Gym Junkies, Ex-Crossfitters, Ex-Bodybuilders, Average Joes and more.

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The next premiere online fitness community driven by science, results and hard ass work. We aren’t just a couple of guys trying to become “Instagram famous” and we aren’t juiced up bodybuilders. We are experts in our field determined to bring you the strength, power and physique you’ve been searching for and the confidence to achieve it. We cut all the fluff and have a no-nonsense, no-bullshit approach, giving our clients the most powerful exercises that will help transform their mindset, work-ethic, and body. We develop hard hitting programs founded in scientific principles guaranteed to help you achieve the lean muscular physique you strive for while building your confidence, self –esteem, and work productivity.


Graham is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, certified speed and agility coach, and certified physical preparation specialist with a masters degree in athletic coaching education. Graham has coached numerous athletes at all ages and training levels ranging from youth athletes to NFL players.

Graham founded his gym Genesis in 2014 and HyperLete in 2019 with the goal of helping athletes increase their strength, multi-directional speed, power, and agility, while reducing the risk of injury through age appropriate, science based training. 

Qualifications: NCSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Masters in Athletic Coaching Education, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist I & II, Certified Speed and Agility Coach, USAW Sports Performance Coach, CPR & AED Certified, FMS 1

Take Your Body To The Next Level. 

Transform from average to alpha with our simple, science-based workout programs that will finally give you a body that is built for show and go plus the confidence that comes with it.