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4 Modules 12 Chapters 58 Weeks Advanced

About The Program

Omega is our elite strength and conditioning program for individuals with advanced training backgrounds or that have went through the previous 2 programs in the Roadmap to an Athletic Physique.It is the third and final program, that’s designed to push you to the limit and help your body reach the peak of its aesthetic and performance potential.


Genesis builds your base of strength, power, and muscle; develops your core, and trains your body with proper movement patterns,


Alpha takes your body to the next level, increasing your strength, power, and work capacity building slabs of lean muscle all over your body that you can actually use,


Finally, you have Omega. A program designed to take your physique, strength, and conditioning to the most advanced levels. It’s a program that’s developed for total body optimization, taking your physique and athletic ability to the max!


Omega provides 12 weeks of strength and conditioning 5 days a week. 2 of the days will be strength based, 2 of the days will be acceleration based, and 1 day of conditioning. Each of the strength days will incorporate bodybuilding movements to pack on muscle and get rid of muscular imbalances. The program is perfectly designed to get you strong as hell, maximize performance, and build loads of lean dense muscle, all while simultaneously developing your physique and remaining safe and injury free throughout. This is our hardest hitting program yet, so you will need a gym with equipment to complete it.


If you’re ready to become the strongest, best looking and most athletic version of yourself, it’s time to get get to work! It won’t be easy. Omega is a very challenging program, but I assure you the results will be worth the effort in the end!


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